Solar42 is an Australian company, owned and operated by Australians. We deliver personal service and local knowledge with highly experienced, locally based staff in over 60 locations in every state to ensure the requirements of energy conscious customers are met. We know how quality systems should operate and what you should reasonably expect from your solar system and energy saving initiatives.

*Solar42 offers an exclusive solar power/energy saving financial package for domestic, commercial and government projects. 

*There is no need for upfront capital outlays, regardless of your project size.

We only use premium solar panels and inverters and we make sure all equipment is specifically suited to your local conditions. All our equipment is fully guaranteed by industry leading manufacturers, Chubb Insurance and our industry partners. Your investment is safe!

In the unlikely event you have a system fault it will be resolved promptly… and to your satisfaction.

Each member of our team has a great deal of experience in the PV Solar/green energy saving industry, designing and installing systems from 2kW to commercial systems of 500kW+.

Our primary goal at Solar42 is to ensure that you receive correct, timely advice to make an informed choice and to make sure that you receive the maximum amount of savings possible when you install a solar power/energy saving system for your family home, business or government project.