No upfront capital outlay required!!

Solar 42 has specialised funding options to assist you in investing in a cost neutral solar energy system, with the very latest in energy saving initiatives.

This is where small, medium and large businesses, private schools, state schools, universities, councils, government, military facilities and much more, can start making valuable operating cost savings with our exclusive Lease to own funding option.

Cost Neutral:

Relative to your current power consumption, a new energy management system will be designed to quickly put you into a cost neutral position using our exclusive ‘lease to own’ program. An easy example is; if your current bill is $1,000.00 per month, a new energy system to replace that bill each month, fully installed, will usually cost about $1,000.00 per month, the same as you are paying anyway… but only for the term of the lease. The bill reduces dramatically from there.

We will show you how your energy costs can be reduced to work much more efficiently for you.

Your business operating hours, type of business, location and current power tariff as well as expected savings will determine the size and output that will be required from a PV Solar energy system. Adequate roof space, standard of switch board and possibility for future expansion all need to be considered in the initial design stage of a solar system for your business. These are Solar 42’s areas of expertise.
There are potential significant tax implications, including depreciation currently 22.5% PA*, to maximise your return on investment (ROI).

*Please see your accountant for taxation advice.

31kw4We work closely with you to achieve optimal output providing the best rate of returns and quickest payback periods possible. You are closely consulted with from the design stage through to installation, to ensure the best possible outcomes and make sure all power needs are correctly met and comply with Clean Energy Council (CEC) guidelines.

Solar 42 consultants have designed commercial systems for clients that have enabled them to save more than 90% per quarter on their annual power bills. We also have large commercial systems in design right now with our industry partners that will dramatically reduce the power costs for our state and federal government and private industry clientele. We will provide a free comprehensive, no obligation proposal for your consideration.

Photo is a 31kW system completed December 2013…. We have done many more since then.